In 1937 Hoppé visited the African countries of Rwanda, Uganda, Nigeria, Kenya, Cameroon, Ghana, Tanzania, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. His documentation in these diverse regions was focused primarily on the daily lives of the native people, their ceremonies and routines, and secondarily on their interaction of the outside world. Hoppé photographed dancing ceremonies, hunting and initiation rituals, landscapes and market scenes, as well as aspects of developing foreign interaction in port cities and government compounds. Hoppé's work exemplifies the mixing of the ancient third world with the modern, developing first world.

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Kano, 1937

Chief, Kano, 1937

Doorway, Zaria, 1937

Ibrahima, Lagos, 1937

Chief and Police, 1937

Watussi Dancers, 1937

Funeral Dance, 1937

King Rudahigwa, 1937

Coiffeur, Lagos, 1937

Dress Shop, 1937

N'goma Dancer, 1937

N'goma Dancer, 1937

Driving, Nairobi, 1937

School Boys, 1937

School Boys, 1937

Cinema, 1937

Children, 1937

Cotton Pickers, 1937

Elephant Tusks, 1937

Hut, Kenya, 1937