E.O. Hoppé, Self Portrait, 1930

Where do I purchase original Hoppé photographs?

Original vintage Hoppé prints for museums and collectors are available from these photographic art galleries: Bruce Silverstein, New York, Craig Krull Gallery, Los Angeles, and Josef Lebovic Gallery, Sydney. Hoppé prints regularly come up for sale at auction houses that hold sales of photographic art, including Sotheby’s, Christie’s, and Phillips.

Where and how do I obtain reproduction rights for a Hoppé image?

The Hoppé Estate holds all of the rights to E.O. Hoppé including his photographic and written works. Licensing for editorial or advertising use of Hoppé photographs can be obtained directly from the E.O. Hoppé Estate or from Corbis. Any fine art use of Hoppé photographs must be obtained directly from the E.O. Hoppé Estate.

Does the Estate purchase Hoppé photographs and vintage publications?

Yes. The Estate is always interested in finding and acquiring Hoppé’s works.

Where can I find copies of Hoppé’s vintage publications?

Early editions of Hoppé’s books can be purchased from used booksellers. Buying online at auction or using book search engines might also locate copies of Hoppé’s rare and long out-of-print books. Many of these editions are highly-prized collectibles and prices will vary considerably based on their collectibility, scarcity, and condition.

What publications of Hoppé are available and forthcoming?