"I found in your photographs at Wanamakers sincerity, psychology
 and artistry. I welcome you as a contemporary."
— Gertude Käsebier, New York, 1921

"Of course I knew Hoppé's photographs for years."
— Alfred Stieglitz, New York, 1921

"The Master."
— Cecil Beaton, London, 1945

"The most famous photographer in the world in the 1920s."
— Bill Jay, Arizona, 1983

"The missing link in British photography between Frederick Evans
  and those contrasting moderns, Bill Brandt and Cecil Beaton."
— Mark Haworth-Booth, London, 2006

"...[Hoppé] has been accidentally eclipsed by history: his
  innovations look familiar, but we know his techniques, devices
  and subject matter by later artists including Cecil Beaton,
  Margaret Bourke-White, Bill Brandt and Walker Evans."
— Lady Marina Vaizey, London, 2012