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Nudes by E.O. Hoppé

A Limited Edition Museum Box Set

Working during a pivotal time in women’s suffrage, Hoppé was, in his own way, a feminist. The nudes reproduced in this edition were made in the context of cultural upheaval in attitudes towards women. For anyone socially aware to produce nudes during this period was an inherently charged act. But to Hoppé, the mind was the key to true attractiveness, a departure from previous conceptions of sexuality, which focused on the shape and balance of physical proportions.

Certainly there is the reason men have always made pictures of naked women – for the frisson that comes from seeing and transmitting pictures of the opposite sex in flagrante. And yet, while eroticism is an undeniable element of Hoppé’s nudes, they were not designed merely to titillate. Most are frank and admiring in their depiction of the female body, but contain little in the way of coy seduction.

New ideas about how to think about feminine beauty quickly emerged from this explosive history. And while Hoppé might well have joined the chorus of disapproval against the specific actions of the suffragist fringe, his sympathies lay firmly with the empowerment of women. Hoppé hoped to steer the collective imagination to a new understanding of women and their beauty.

—Phillip Prodger

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