Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I purchase original Hoppé photographs?

Original vintage Hoppé prints for museums and collectors are available from these photographic art galleries: Bruce Silverstein, New York, Craig Krull Gallery, Los Angeles, and Josef Lebovic Gallery, Sydney. Hoppé prints regularly come up for sale at auction houses that hold sales of photographic art, including Sotheby’s, Christie’s, and Phillips. Any fine art use of Hoppé photographs must be obtained directly from the E.O. Hoppé Estate. Please contact the estate for inquiries regarding modern reproduction prints.

Where and how do I obtain reproduction rights for a Hoppé image?

The E.O. Hoppé Estate Collection holds all of the rights to E.O. Hoppé including his photographic and written works. Images may be licensed for editorial or commercial web or print publication directly through this website. By adding an image to your cart and selecting your specifications for reproduction, a license fee is calculated, and a high-resolution download will be made available upon checkout.

We are still working diligently to make as much of the archive available for viewing online as possible. If are looking for a Hoppé image you have seen elsewhere that you cannot find in the image galleries, please contact us at info [at] eohoppe [dot] com.

How can I host a Hoppé exhibition at my museum or gallery?

There are currently two exhibitions available for booking through Curatorial Assistance Traveling Exhibitions: Unspeakably Queer: Portraits of Boundary-Breaking Individuals by E.O. Hoppé and E.O. Hoppé: Women. Please contact us if you are interested in presenting another part of the collection, and see the Exhibitions page for additional opportunities to view Hoppé’s work.

Does the Estate purchase Hoppé photographs and vintage publications?

Yes. The Estate is always interested in finding and acquiring Hoppé’s works.

Where can I find copies of Hoppé’s vintage publications?

Early editions of Hoppé’s books can be purchased from used booksellers. Buying online at auction or using book search engines might also locate copies of Hoppé’s rare and long out-of-print books. Many of these editions are highly-prized collectibles and prices will vary considerably based on their collectability, scarcity, and condition.

Available modern publications may be purchased directly from the estate, via the Publications page at

I am passionate about photography and would like to work with the collection!

We have an on-going internship program in Southern California. Contact info [at] eohoppe [dot] com for more information.